About Us

About Us

Ritzy Education and Travels  has over five(5) years experience in students’ admission placement and study visa processing. Our firm also boasts of professional and courteous staff who are always more than willing to give you all the assistance you may require on your way to attaining academic excellence.

Our core competence is to register and prepare students for all international examinations such as TOEFL, SAT 1 & 11, GRE, GMAT, PTE. etc. Admission placement in top universities/colleges in CANADA, USA, UK and EUROPE.We have an unrivaled track record in these areas.
We are also renowned for efficient service delivery with huge successes in:

SAT & TOEFL Tutorials
GMAT & GRE Lectures
Admission Processing (Study in CANADA, USA, UK and EUROPE)
Visa Services Over the years we have successfully established our authority in this field. We do it so well, that everyone calls us. Don’t be left out, let us be part of your success story.

We offer you seven(7) great advantages.

Seasoned and experienced tutors.
Varieties of study materials for instructional purposes.
Free online practice tests.
Excellent and conducive learning environment.
Fully air-conditioned classrooms.
Standby power supply to classrooms and computer lab.
Low tuition fee for a month/4weeks.

We have been able to work with countless number of students from various parts of the country. Test takers all over Nigeria can attest to the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. Our service delivery is second to none in Nigeria!Prompt test registration and comprehensive training/lectures for TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, and PTE in Nigeria.  RIET assists students to pay their online application fees for schools in the U.S.A and CANADA.

Students can also pay for (W.E.S) evaluation and verification of their results/credentials/documents through us. Interested students can contact us to assist them with SEVIS fee payment.

Our students usually have the opportunity to engage in the official online practice tests before the actual test day and this gives them a first-hand experience of the real test situations and environment.It also helps them overcome anxiety and gets them familiar with the entire process of online and paper testing procedures.

Our major responsibility is to assist you in earning high scores in your examinations.
Our Team

Our TEAM is made up of highly resourceful and effective individuals who are skilled professionals that have undergone both national and international academic trainings, seminars, workshops, e.t.c and have a unique sense of discipline and integrity.