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Application Deadlines for US Universities

Application Deadlines for US Universities

Semester system and Universities deadlines

  • Semester System will have three semesters every year.
    • Spring (Jan)
    • Summer (May)
    • Fall (August)

    Term ApplyingAdmission DeadlinesFall


Know about SEVIS fee for F1 Visa Interview. This article explains following questions about SEVIS fee.
1) What is SEVP and SEVIS?
2) How much is the SEVIS fee for F1 Visa – US Student visa?
3) How do i pay SEVIS fee?
4) How i20 and SEVIS are related?


How much is the SEVIS fee for F1 Visa (US Student visa)?

SEVIS fee amount is US $200

VISA approved for low ranked university for spring 2015

F1 Visa approved at Mumbai for healthcare administration at stratford university.
Academics: 50.6 % BBA
MS in healthcare administration
stratford university , Virginia
US-consulate Mumbai- 8.00 am Slot
date- 06/10/2014

Visa Interview for Fairfield University

Here is my visa interview exprience for Fairfield University. Don’t get annoyed by seeing this long post but at end you will like my experience.
A Small Story about My visa experience for Fairfield University

Profile: 280/6.5/65%/2.6 Yrs of Exp
Slot :8:00am Consulate: Hyderabad Date: 17 July,2014
Counter 11, Token E- 139

Me & my dad left from Bangalore and reached Hyderabad on 16th july morning. I completed my OFC on same day at

My Experience with Visa Application

Too much Excited for the interview, didn’t slept that nite and with red eyes gone for Interview.
Slot booked for 8.00AM in Chennai but they call us in at 9.30AM. Waited for my call about 30mins…
All these time, I literally got too nervous… Finally, VO waved hand to me…..
My profile- B Tech(ECE)- 54
Backlogs- 38
Gre – 284
Ielts- 6.5

Visa Interview for SUNY buffalo

Got Visa rejected today ( 12th May 15 at Hyderabad US Visa Consulate) didn’t expected), below is the conversation with VO (was African American lady).

Visa Interview for SUNY buffalo

My Profile:
GRE 318
UG 7.54 (No backlogs)
3 years work exp

Me: Good Afternoon
VO: How are you ?

F1 Visa Interview Questions – Part 1: Interest in US Education

F1 Visa Interview Questions – Part 1: Interest in US Education

Question 1: Why US? <<- very Important F1 Visa Interview Question.
To pursue Masters in Computer Science.

Question 2: Why only US?
It is the center of excellence in the field of computer science. That?s why it?s most sought after International learning center. The US Universities have gr8 facilities for research. Moreover, an MS degree from a Univ in US has high recognition back here in INDIA, and would help me to

US Admission cycle: Know all about Spring, Summer and Fall