Special Education

Special Education Specialist

Special education in Nigeria has a fairly short history, only becoming a public concern in 1975. Before the government stepped in at this time, those with special needs were looked after by different religious or voluntary groups, such as the School for the Blind of Gindiri and the Wesley School for the Deaf in Lagos.

You can contact Olalekan John Oyedeji (Special Educator) for awareness, seminar, talk and sensitization on the:
1. Identification of Disabilities like
* Hearing Impairment
* Visual Impairment
* Mental Retardation (now known as Intellectual Disability)
* Speech and Language Disorders
* Learning Disabilities
* Physical and Orthopaedic Impairments
* Health Impairments
* Behavioural Disorders.

2. Causes of Disabilities like
* Pre-natal causes
* Peri-natal causes
* Post-natal causes.

3. Problems Associated with Disabilities.

4. Prevention of Disabilities.

5. Education of Persons with Special needs.

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